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coconut oil for psoriasis

Coconut oil- the best ever treatment for psoriasis


Want to know the perfect cure for psoriasis?  This article can help you to deal with this annoying condition. I know there are so many medicines which can cure this disease but do you know that using those medicines can harm your health. Yes, by medicines you can get side effects. Before we talk about the ultimate cure for psoriasis let’s see what is the causes and symptoms of this condition?

Psoriasis is a chronic skin condition that changes the life cycle of skin cells. The abnormal build-up of skin cells causes scaling on the skin’s surface. It is very common to get inflamed and red skin patches around the scales. Sometimes it can be painful. The extra skin cells can be thick, silvery scales, itchy and dry patches. Psoriasis is the result of a speed up skin production process. Typically skin cells grow deep inside the skin and slowly rise to the surface. The typical life cycle of skin cell is one month.

Now the question is how anyone can get this irritating and annoying disease? According to studies scientists are also unknown about the causes of this disease but it is said that it can be related to the immune system. As psoriasis is an auto-immune condition and auto-immune condition are the result of body attacking it-self. In this case, white blood cells (known as T cells) attack the skin cells mistakenly.

There is one other cause of this disease and that is genetics. Some people receive genes that make them more likely to have this disease. If you have a family member who is suffering from psoriasis, the chances of getting this disease of yours is higher. However, there are few records of getting this disease by genetics.

So, without wasting more time here is that ingredient which can cure psoriasis very effectively. Have you ever used any oil to treat this kind of condition? Maybe not, right? Well, there is oil which can cure this disease very effectively. Coconut oil for psoriasis is one of the best treatments which can cure this disease very effectively. By this oil you can get very fast and astonishing results.

Coconut oil for psoriasis

People who are suffering from this disease are using medicines and that is only because of their doctors said to use. But have you ever searched about the benefits of using natural treatments? No right? This proves that people are unaware about the benefits of natural treatments. Let’s see why coconut oil for psoriasis is the best curing method?

Coconut oil is derived from cold-compress coconut kernels. It contains lauric acid a type of fatty acid that has been shown to reduce inflammation, redness, pain, itching, viruses, fungus and harmful microbes. Coconut oil has been used to treat so many diseases since thousands of years. People are also using this oil in cooking because this is the healthier alternative oil.

The biggest benefit of using coconut oil for psoriasis is-its ability to moisture the scalp. Sometimes it’s also used as a conditioner which can hydrate your skin. Because of this oil people get relief from itching and discomfort. Coconut oil alone maybe not the perfect cure for this disease but if you apply any cream, you can get the perfect results.

It has anti-inflammatory property that helps to reduce the pain, itching and inflammation which is caused by psoriasis. By this your skin can also look younger because this oil can cure the damaged skin. It has been proved that psoriasis is linked to insulin resistance which further reduces the inflammation of the skin. Coconut oil for psoriasis is the best treatment because this oil is capable enough to reduce the inflammation of the skin and also reduces psoriasis lesions.

How to use coconut oil for psoriasis

To use coconut oil for psoriasis is to take virgin coconut oil and apply directly on your affected area of the skin. It can give you better results if you apply this oil right after taking bath. Because that time, it can absorb very easily in your skin and lock the moisturizer.

The other ingredient is tea tree oil. You all know that tea tree oil is the best oil which can cure almost every kind of health conditions. That’s why if you use coconut oil and tea tree oil together you can get very effective results. For this you have to take 5-10 drops of tea tree oil in 1-3 teaspoon of coconut oil and mix them well. Then apply this mixture on your affected area of the skin.

For more fast results apply this oil’s mixture right before you going to bed and leave this overnight.  Next morning wash it with mild shampoo. Repeat this process on a daily basis you will definitely get amazing results. This is the most effective treatment which can give you very fast results then medicines. The most important thing is it will not give any kind of side effect. So, try to use coconut oil for psoriasis and live happy and healthy life.

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