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To Moisturize and Nourish Skin- Natural Remedies


What do you do when it comes to nourish your skin or to moisturize skin? Do you use coconut oil to nurture your skin? Do you even know the skin related benefits of applying coconut oil for your skin? You might go through the aforementioned question at least once in your life but what after that. Have you ever tried to search the skin benefits of applying coconut oil? Oh of course you doing the same thing so let’s start finding the health skin benefits related coconut oil.

lauric-acidsCoconut oil is oil that is extracted from the white meat of coconut. It is blessed with great varieties of essential nutrients, enzymes and other compounds which have scientifically proved in nourishing skin. Why coconut oil is considered as so special when it comes to moisturize and nourish skin? Well, it is because it has medium chain fatty acids like lauric acids which not only help in nourishing skin but also extremely helpful in managing the different sorts of skin related issues such as sunburn. The antibacterial, antiviral and antimicrobial properties found in coconut oil eliminate the harmful living organisms from the skin. Oxidative damage is caused by the free radicals to the cells that could be severe and lead to evolvement of numerous sorts of complications. The antioxidants found in coconut oil protect oxidative damage of the cells and stimulates the healthy cells to grow.

coconut-oilIt is proved in numerous studies that coconut oil has the sufficient potential to nurture any sorts of skin. A study conducted at Makati medical center found that coconut oil is abundantly essential in ease a condition named xerosis which is generally lead to rough, itchy and scaly skin. The study has also founded that persistent application of coconut oil onto the skin can help skin stay hydrated and is extraordinarily safe. Many people do use coconut oil to add shine on the skin by clearing up the skin.  Since coconut oil is blessed with antibacterial, antifungal, antimicrobial and acts like a moisturizer it is a potent source of getting a fair and clearer skin. People can gently rub coconut oil for getting rid of dead skin cells and of bacteria. It will help you not to get clogged pores and if your skin don’t get clogged pored means you are very less likely to evolve any sorts of skin issues including acne and pimples. If a person dealing with cracked feet, what they need to do is to apply coconut oil and massage it on the cracked area. Doing this for at least 1 week can gradually help you to get rid of cracked feet.

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